The word <Vitality> symbolizes our corporate philosophy.

Our very presence in this world is a gift. It is far beyond our perception why and when life comes into this world and leaves forever. None of us chose to be born. Similarly, few would dare to choose to end one's life. <Vitality> is the source of energy to fortify the continuance of life. The truth of this solemn fact cannot be denied. Even the most advanced technologies have not fully revealed the mysterious power of <Vitality>.

Our mission is to serve people's health with unfailing interest and respect for the intense power of <Vitality>.

Pursuing the state-of-the-art medical technology, our prominent duty is to introduce medical equipment ("hardware" of the health industry) and facilitate the precise diagnosis, treatment, disease prevention and emergency medical services. As a medical equipment importer, we have now embarked on developing products of our own brand.

Furthermore, we have been involved in both designing and constructing numerous operating theatres, including intensive care units (ICU) in hospitals all over Japan. Our continuous efforts for better services can also be seen in creating an effective information network throughout the world. Thus our customers are swiftly provided with accurate information about advanced US and European medical technologies.

In view of our corporate philosophy, it is only natural that we have a deep interest in the health of the <mind>. In recent years, mental health care has come to the fore in terms of medical treatment. This could be referred as the human side of medical services. As we often say, "the mind rules the body", since they are so intricately related. It is a fact that distress in mind could harm our physical health and vice versa. Thus I have sought a way to be involved in the activities which are related to the health of minds and set up a resort hotel and a photo gallery. The hotel has been established for 10 years and the gallery marked its 20th anniversary this year. (For further information, please visit our web sites. Or why not visit us at the "real sites" and find how they may effect a cure to your heart and body ?)

We are deeply committed to the importance of keeping balance between the <hard> and <soft> facets of human health, that is, creating a harmonious state of <body> and <mind>. Bearing that in mind, we will persevere in our efforts to contribute to the further improvement of health care in adherence to the highest ethical standards.

That is our mission in life.

Yasuhiko SATA*
President Tokibo Co.,Ltd.
Sata Corporation**
June, 2000


* This article is based on "My Mission", a declaration Yasuhiko Sata made in January 1981. Today, "My Mission" continues to be esteemed as the essential principle of TKB Group.

**TKB Corporation (former Sata Corporation) is the holding company of TKB Group.The company changed its name from Sata Corporation to TKB Corporation in April 2013.