We are a group of medical device specialists led by TKB Corporation. “TKB” is the acronym of Tokyo Kikai Boeki Co.,Ltd., the original company in our group which was founded in 1955 and later renamed Tokibo Co., Ltd.

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Chairman's Message

Inheriting the founder’s enduring determination to save as many lives as possible, we are passionate in pursuing our mission in the field of medical devices which positively influences people's lives. We not only import and sell state-of-art medical devices that meet the international standards worldwide, but also develop and manufacture our own products in two countries outside Japan.

People tend to think that humans live only with free will. However, upholding the word Vitality as the corporate ideal, TKB Group aims to conduct humane business practices in the medical field with the humble awareness that human existence is allowed by some other being.

The group has a manufacturing company both in France and Italy and stresses development and production of medical devices of the original brand. Also in the U.S., benefitting from the experiences of running a ventilator manufacturer for over 30 years since 1981, we have just started a project to establish a groundbreaking business model. Since its foundation, employee education emphasized on character-building has been one of our group’s primary focuses. Not only that, by actively posting younger staff in international business projects, we develop truly global-minded human assets for the next generation.

Giving the first priority to providing our customers with the most reliable services of the highest quality, we, ahead of the industry peers in Japan, acquired the international standard certification for quality assurance, ISO9002 in July 1998. Not only the two affiliated manufacturers but all the manufacturers we are dealing with are accredited with both ISO9001 and EN46001. We strive for compliance to the global standards in every branch of our business: production overseas; importing business conducted by TKB Corporation; sales, rental, maintenance services offered by Tokibo Co., Ltd through its nation-wide network. TKB Group will continue its efforts to improve the quality of services for a better future of health care.